Movie Review: The Green Inferno

Disclaimer: This movie is brutal. Also, spoilers, duh.

If gratuitous gore is your thing, then you'll probably love this movie (you freak).


Basically, this movie is about a college student/activist who goes to the Amazon Rainforest to save the trees or whatever. Her plane goes down and she's "rescued" by a cannibalistic tribe. She survives and she's eventually rescued. She must endure watching her friends get killed in the most brutal ways possible.

As gory as this movie is, it doesn't feel like most horror movies do. By that, I mean that the script doesn't feel like an excuse to be as disturbing and sacry as possible even though some of the death scenes are hard to watch. I think the best thing about this movie is watching the characters progress and grow. The characters spend a large chunk of their time in a cage with nothing to do but talk in between watching their peers get murdered. Watching this character progression, to me, is interesting; especially watching how they react under extreme stress. As a troubled person myself, I find that amusing.


The movie ends with the protagonist sitting in a boardroom re-telling (what I assume to be the authorities) her experience. The ending contains a flashback and a cliffhanger that adds to the story in a meaningful way (which I found to be really thought provoking).

I have thought things over and I am downgrading my review to 3.5/5 mustaches overall.


I am also giving this movie 5,000/5 mustaches for HOLY HELL VIOLENCE.


-Dirty Dave




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